Though the wordpress community out there is really huge. However, there’s a lot of people out there who sees it as just another tool for blogging.

WordPress powers over 74 million sites across the world. Chances are, not all of them are blogs.

So what exactly can wordpress do? It’s a content management system, so it basically can come in a form of a corporate website, online news publication (think,, an ecommerce shop and probably more.

How do you get started on this playground?

For starters, you can get try setting this up on your localhost and only when you’re done meddling with your first wordpress site and decided that you want to publish it, you can upload the wordpress files up and host your site somewhere.

Just in case its a bit too wordy to follow, i’ll break it down here with some screenshots, hopefully it’s slightly clearer.

Okay lets get started.

and yes that's my beautiful wallpaper

  • Switch the following settings accordingly
    • Ports : change your apache port to  80.
    • Web server: choose your document root. In other words, the area where you put your folders, so that the servers know where to look. In my case, I just created a projects folder in my desktop. hence the path of Desktop/projects

you can get it here:

  • Unzip the folder, and rename the folder to a project name say, i.e. myfirstword
  • Place this folder, into the folder you created above. i.e the folder where the servers looks for your files. so in my case the directory of my folder will look something like this  Desktop/projects/myfirstword

Why do you need a database?  The wordpress folder provides the functionality of the site, while the database provides the information that you store. Hence you basically need to set up a database for each wordpress install.

  • Go to your MAMP and start your servers, and click on “open webstart page”
  • Then, Click on the phpMyAdmin tab
  •  Under “Create new database”, enter in a database name  of your wordpress folder, in this case “myfirstword”, and press “Create.”

Finally for the famous WordPress’ 5 minutes install
– now key in “localhost/yourdatabasename” into your browser , in my case its localhost/myfirstword
– You’ll end up in a form, so fill them accordingly. remember to change your database name!

Database Name: myfirstword
User Name (database): root
Password (database): root
Database Host/server: localhost
Table Prefix: wp_

– Then fill in the relevant information and your profile should be created in no time.

That’s it for setting up!

Now its time to play around with your new install.

Take your pick on these free themes,

  • Download them and unzip the theme folder.
  • Place your theme folder into your wordpress install folder, under the themes folder located in the wp-content folder
  • Login to your wordpress page, localhost/myfirstword/wp-admin
  • Under the themes tab, click on the theme you want to activate.

I’ll explore more on how to dabble with themes and child themes in another post.

Meanwhile have fun!

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