So if you have no idea how to deploy your site to run live on the web, let me run through, what you need in order to host your wordpress site online instead of just viewing it on local.

Hosting Server

  • This is a service will allow your website to be live on the internet, where you will your place your wordpress files and database.


  • The urls you type in your browser, those are called domains, which you need to purchase. Then upon hosting your site live, you will point this domain to your website, so that when people enter this url they will end up in your website
  •  I’ll recommend to purchase them either on or

There’s too many providers out there for me to analyse. So I’ll provide with two choices of hosting (WPEngine and Bluehost) and how to host using each medium.

Pricier option, but easy and secure way to get your site on.

If you’ve decided to go with a niche hosting provider that deals only with hosting wordpress websites, like , you’ll just have to follow their step by step tutorials and you will be done in no time.

For sites like wpengine to deploy your site, all you need to do is to get two files ready, and you can proceed with their manual upload

  1. Zipped file of your Database
  2.  Zipped version of your wp-content folder

Of course for a service like WPEngine it will be pricier, where it costs $29/month to host one site with them.

deploy wordpress via WPengine

Benefits of hosting with them

  • You get dedicated support, you can chat with their live support for troubleshooting with regards to your site
  • Site Security, making your site less vulnerable to hacks
  • They do regular backups of your site, so for you to revert to old versions, it wouldn’t be an issue as well.

Cheap option, more work to set up, have to take up on security measures

They too have optimized wordpress hosting, which starts at $19.90/ month.

But the cost effective option I’m looking at is the option of shared hosting, where you can host unlimited websites, at just approximately $4.45/month, for the plus version.

deploy wordpress via bluehos

  1. Via MAMP, export the mysql database of the wordpress site
    • Select the database of your word press and click on the Export option and choose the following options before exporting
      • Export method: Select Custom
      • Tables: Select all the tables
      • Output: Choose the option to save output to a file, and compression option to be zipped
    • Scroll to bottom and click ‘go’ and the file will be zipped and saved.
  2. Create a FTP account on bluehost account :
    • Under hosting > ftp
    • This ftp account is the connection that will be used to upload the files of the wordpress install later.
  3. Create a subdomain
    • Go to domains> subdomains to create a subdomain for the wordpress install. Don’t worry, the redirecting the subdomain that was bought can be done later on.
    • A home folder for this subdomain will be created, and this is where the wordpress install files will go in later on
    • If the domain bought for the share hosting, is not the one used for the wordpress site. Then, a subdomain will be created. Say the domain chose for the shared hosting is , and this is not the domain used for the wordpress website,  a subdomain should be created to direct the site , e.g . This way,multiple sites can be hosted on the server using by creating subdomains. Of course, you can later buy a domain and redirect it to this subdomain. You won’t have to pay additional server cost, just the cost of the new domain.
  4. Download FileZilla,
    • This program is required to deploy your wordpress files to the server. Run the program and key in the credentials of your FTP account that you’ve just created to connect to your server
    • Once connected, upload the files to the folder that was created for the subdomain. This upload will take up sometime, depending on how big your install is
  5. Creating mysql database
    • Under hosting> cpanel > mySQL Database , create a new database
    • Then scroll below and create a mySQL user and add to the database you created above
  6. Import your database to the server
    • Go to phpmyadmin via cpanel > phpmyadmin
    • Login with the mysql user details you created previously
    • Click into the database, and then select the import tab.Import the zip database file you’ve save previously
  7. Change your wp_options in your Database
    • Go to your wp_options table, and change the values of the following two option_names : siteurl and home
    • Instead of the value being localhost/{yourWordpressSiteName} , change it to the your new site URL
    • Both the siteurl and home have to contain the same URL (in this case place the subdomain URL that you’ve created previously)wp_options
  8. Changing your wp-config options
    • Via your file manger, or ftp client, access the wp-config file
    • Edit the name of the database, mysql user and mysql password, you’ve created previously
  9. Fixing images or posts url
    • If some of the images are not loading, login to your wordpress admin panel
    • under settings > permalinks , click save again to reset the permalink structure
The site should be running live, and of course there’s another step to redirect your site to the domain you bought. We will explore that in the next post.  Feel free to leave any questions or comments below if you’re unable to get it working. I’ll try to help out as much as I can. 

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