One of the most attractive part of using instead of is the beauty of plugins, because you’re allow to add them onto your website, meaning adding more functionalities.

How to add a plugin

  1. Find the desired plugin you want to use on
  2. Download the zip file of the plugin
  3. Add the plugin into your wordpress “Plugins” folder under /wp-content/plugins
  4. Login to your wp dashboard click on “plugins” in the menu
  5. Click on the activate button, under the plugin you just added

Things to note 

  • Make sure the plugin is compatible with the current wordpress version you have installed
  • The plugin have been updated regularly

Similar to themes, plugins have both paid and free versions. Often the free versions, come with ads and certain functionality that’s being locked up, and made only available to paid users.

If there’s a functionality you need, and you can’t find it on , you can try searching for key terms on

Previously, I needed something to redirect my page, according the to geolocation of the ip address, and i found one plugin that does the job for me. There were several plugins that did the same but i chose this author because he had good reviews of support and that the plugin actually works.

Alternatively, if you’re not into fanciful plugins, check out this list which you might find handy when you first set up your wordpress site.

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