How to PR your way through Singlehood on CNY

After close to 6 rounds of steam boats over the past three days with countless small talks and a end product of a slightly rounder belly (yes slightly only!!)

Chinese new year is almost over.

Anyway, was inspired to write this post, after having a conversation with my cousins earlier on.

Let me play you a scenario,

So you’ve arrived at your auntie’s place for a gathering. You find a quiet spot and start munching on the chinese new year goodies you see on the table, you stare at your phone reply a few messages, then you lift your head up and


you get eye contact with your uncle.

You smile, and your uncle starts the usual talk and the question on why are you single comes up. Soon, the volume of the conversation grows louder across the living room and you get more attention by the minute. Before you know it, you have an audience of aunties and uncles infront of you.

HOW? 怎么办?

1. Get your phone ringing

  • Tag team with your cousins/siblings before hand. Unless you have a very sharp eye + quick wit siblings that does this automatically for you (Which i actually saw one in action). Tell them to give you a call whenever they spot you “surrounded”
  • So midway through the conversation, your phone will ring, then stand up  look apologetic about the phone call you’re about to take  and slowly dismiss yourself from the conversation and fade into the background.

2. Change the topic before they change your mood

So get ready a handful of questions and take control of the conversation.

and the list goes on. Talk about what they’ve been doing and that’s what Chinese new year about right? Getting updates and know what you’re relatives are up to. 😉

3. Get a politically correct answer out.

Sometimes its inevitable to siam the question. Then bobian get a good answer