Hello World!

After a gruelling 3 weeks,

I finally got this website done. A lot of procrastination along the way, and sessions spent at the 7-11 store near where I stay. Also,today marks my 1st month living in Taipei! It has been a great learning experience and also a good period for me to rest. So what exactly happened?

Basically around 7 weeks ago, I was surfing the internet and accidentally clicked on one of my old bookmarks. (I wanted to click on one of the taobao link I saved previously.) So I landed on Shih Chien University’s website.

Okay here comes the grandmother story:

Slightly more than a year ago, after I was done with school in NUS, majoring in economics. I contemplated on continuing my studies, but this time in something that I had interest in: Fashion Design. They had a MBA program, that was designed for students without any prior experience.

Somehow I managed to convince myself, that I should go out and get some working experience first. Perhaps, I would appreciate school better that way. I guess I somewhat hit the nail on this one.

Anyway back to my current state, I saw that they offered short courses in module forms. Also, there were 3 modules that fit into a 2 month framework! The classes weren’t intensive either, so I thought to myself, if i could attend these classes, I would have more time to also work on learning web and take a break to explore other things.

Mustered some courage, and asked my boss if i could take sabbatical leave. I mean, I was a employee that worked for only a year or so, the audacity i have, sometimes kindof amuse me.

I was lucky enough to get my request approved, then off I went to settle the formalities, like getting an extended visa, air-tickets and accomodation etc.

Before I knew it, off I was on the plane and settled in comfortably. Much thanks to my warm and friendly airbnb hosts!

I’d write up more about my journey here. If there’s a message I would want to go out there, it’ll probably be this:


There are certain things if you don’t do it when you’re young, you will regret it in time to come.

Picked this up earlier when I walked past this tiny shop, where the young shopowner handmakes all their leather goods.

Oh and happy boxing day to all! 🙂