tze char

Favourite Tze Char Places

To be honest when I was younger, probably before I approached my twenties, I wasn’t that into tze char(煮炒).

As  I grew older, I started to appreciate it and some of them could whip up really good stuff. Anyway these are my current favourites! I just so happened to have two tze char dinners in a row last week, so I thought it’ll be nice to put them in a list and update them whenever.

Usually the cost per pax for the meal wouldn’t be more than 10-15/pax. Unless i’m up for some real time feasting.

Address: 265 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, Singapore 650265
Phone: 6561 9369
Hours: 11AM–2PM, 5–11:30PM

My personal favourites:

  • Steam Baby Sotong – 12SGD
  • Curry fishhead
  • Chicken wings (from the western stall) – 1.20SGD/piece

This place is really near my house and we go there quite often.Sometimes they whip up dishes that’s not on the menu, so you just have to speak to the uncle (he’s usually in a bright orange shirt) and ask if there’s any special items for the day.

I really love the baby sotong (sotong kia) , but it’s not on the menu, cause uncle said it depends if they manage to get it from the supplier. This reminds me how japanese restaurants restock on their sashimi twice a week, and if you go on the day before they restock, usually there’s not a lot selection.  Ok I digress. Anyway, they cook them in teochew style, where they steam it with a light sauce keeping the meat  springy and sweet. Best of all, they already remove that plastic thingy that’s usually inside the sotong, so you can just chew on it freely. It taste comparatively lighter than those deep fried ones, which is also exactly why I like it. my mother will tell me the deep fried ones are usually frozen sotong or probably not fresh enough.

Oh and usually i’ll order chicken wings from the western store at the corner of the coffeeshop (next to the prata shop) while waiting for my tze char to come. No minimum piece required and it’s $1.20 only!! The auntie fries it only when you order (even if it’s only one piece, so nice right!!!), so your wings are always crispy and tender when its served. Add a $1 serving of fries too. Cheap and good comfort food 🙂

Address: Clementi Ave 2, Singapore 120352
Phone:6778 2223

My personal favourite:

  • 滑蛋河粉 – 10 SGD

This was actually my papa’s favourite. He was the one who introduced us to their 滑蛋河粉, which is basically hor fun with lots of egg!It gets me excited when I see my hor fun in a dark brown colour and when soaked in the gravy, you can still taste the fragrance of the wok, 锅香. In my opinion, a good plate of horfun requires effort. To fry the kwayteow right, and then to get the gravy right.

To be honest, the other stuff on the menu are all really good as well. Taking what we ordered yesterday as an example,

  • 清炒奶白 vegetable, they’ll add fried garlic, which is probably in-house fried because it was piping too when I placed them in my mouth. mmm. love it.
  • ku lu yok, the batter wasn’t too thick, yet still crunchy enough with lots of meat in everyone of them.
  • 滑蛋河粉, aside from the the frozen prawns, I like everything about it. 

I love how they actually put in effort for their dishes. Anyway, my point is if you’re keen for good hor fun and you’re in the clementi area come give it a try!

Address: New Good Place Eating House, 2 Lorong 23 Geylang, 388353
Phone: 67412418
Hours: 5PM-3AM

My favourites:

  • San lou beehoon (I would also order the largest portion for 10 bucks, you can skip the rice, good for 3 pax) –  10 SGD
  • Deep-Fried fish skin – 12 SGD

I think this place is quite popular already, seeing the number of posts it has on burpple.

I’ve only been here thrice but love it already! the san lou bee hoon is the only reason why i keep going back, oh yes and the fresh fish skin! I know the irvin’s fish skin craze have been going around, i’ve tried it myself but freshly deep fried fish skin is still the best!

It’s pretty apparent that everyone goes there for the beehoon. When googling for the address, I clicked on the burpple link and all i see were not very aesthetically pleasing images of this dark brown bee hoon. hahaha but good stuff don’t always look pretty. This is one of them.

I tried the salted egg prawn ball, during my recent visit, looks promising, but the batter wasn’t one of the best. The corn bits were yummy though!