Breakfast + Supper to have in Taipei

I will be heading to taipei with my two lovely girls (sam and mama oh) at the end of the month for a short 3D2N stopover,

Due to time restrictions, I only placed meals that could fit into our schedule. Mainly breakfast and supper (we’ll make do with lunch and dinner depending where we end up). Mostly at datong district, the area where i was staying previously.

p.s photos were mostly taken from my (stolen) iphone 6 or from photos i posted on ig.

Address:100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Zhongxiao E Rd, 108號2F
Nearest MRT: Shandao station (walkable distance, from exit 5 , its like 2 minutes away)
Operating Hours:5:30am- 12:30pm (or if they are sold out, and closed on mondays)

This is a hot favourite!! When i first went there 5 years back (i think it was with ong,leon and ks), it was not that crowded, probably at 10-15 minutes queue to get to order. but over the years overtime i returned,the queue got longer and longer.

but the last time leon went, he said just go over at 6am? the queue is much faster. I think it goes publicised quite abit and got quite popular with the japanese tourists. You can’t go late either cause it closes at 12pm.

Yes! so sam and i are determined to wakeup at 530 to head over. my favourite is the 鹹豆漿, some say its an acquired taste. but i love it! and the other big names don’t do it as well as them!

Address: No. 32, Lane 335, Section 3, Chongqing N Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103
Operating Hours:5:30am- Noon

This was introduced to me by my housemate nicky, when i was staying in taipei. I would often cycle down to grab it. Even on my last morning before i head to the airport i insisted on heading there one last time.
If you’re coming down, you can visit the area, its filled with temples worshipping Confucius.

After finishing my 炸蛋餅 i would get a 飯糰 for takeaway. Never a fan of it but yes its cheap filling comfort food, so much flavour in that ball of rice in addition to the pork floss and chai por.

Two pac fried chicken – 2派克雞排
Their marination is very different from the usual i’ve ate. It’s my favourite while i was in taiwan. I’ll probably add on an extra portion of their tempura mushrooms too. ?
A bit annoyed by the website they didn’t place where they are located, cause i think most of them are franchises. But i know there’s one at 大龍夜市 which functions like a pushcart stall! (hopefully its still there)

I didn’t take any photos so had to grab this off the net. I usually cycle by, order and head home before munching it quickly before it turns uncrispy.

They have other food at 大龍夜市 too but mostly locals go there to have their dinner. they actually have 鰻魚伊面, which is kind of rare to get in taipei i think. But the ones I had in tainan were the best so I had it once at 大龍夜市 and didn’t go for a second.

Address: Ningxia Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103
Nearest MRT: shuanglian / zhong shan mrt (you can take a bus and reach there or just cab its a short distance)
Operating hours:Evening 5.30pm onwards

MUA CHEE – 芝麻 & 花生

My favourite so far because its not too crowded like shillin and it has pretty awesome stuff! This place was quite near to where i stayed when i was in taiwan and I would cycle over to grab supper.

Mua chee was also the best i’ve eaten so far in taipei. The mua chee stall is manned by two young men. When i first ate it I already thought it was awesome, but i thought the other 老字号might beat them. but no! they’re still my best. ?


- 魷魚羹 的炒米粉
I’m not a fan of the squid stew like item, but i was on a tight budget when I went to taiwan, hence one night for supper, i realised i need to keep to a budget, so when i saw the 炒米粉.

It was probably only a dollar or so. I said down and munched. That was the best decision made that night. Ever.

Operating hours:18:00~05:00
Nearest MRT : daqiaotou mrt

You’ll get a pot of porridge for around 70twd ! The bowl of porridge is served in a wooden rack. I would definitely order the snack too since i have more people to share.

The pot of seafood goodness really has a lot of stuff definitely worth the money.